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Hello. Bonjour. Caio. Hola.
Welcome to the Globe Runners Travel Blog. This will be our first and official post for all those travelers who are looking for some insight on major destinations they’ve never been to before or simply looking to get a different perspective of some of the most beautiful and vibrant countries in the world from our years of travel experience. You will go through some tips and tricks on locations we have traveled to in order to help you know the ins and outs of what is what in those cities. Our experiences through some of the most magnificent places have given us a strong passion to inspire our audience to get out there and learn something from a complete different culture and embrace their lifestyle.

Sail the canals of Venice or Amsterdam while sipping champagne, swim through coral reefs in Thailand or trek through the driest desert in the world. We will be your guide to help you be comfortable in an unfamiliar ground. We also are looking for recommendations. If you would like us to write a blog about a city, feel free to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to help our readers have an amazing adventure through a foreign land.
Are you a food hound? Looking to find the most authentic street food around or just simply looking for a dine-in experience? Our blog will teach you not only where to find these delicious (sometimes unusual) menu items but also show you the most etiquette way of eating them as well. There is no knife and fork required when eating a fried scorpion in Thailand.


As young travelers, we have been through and lived in many parts of North America, Western Europe, Asia & South America where we worked, traveled and lived with local families in small towns to get a better sense of the true lifestyle in these countries. What does a typical day look like for an Italian family Vs A family in China, what are some of the no-no’s in these places and what are some fun laws you can get away with like drinking on the streets and not being ticketed, are just some of the tips and tricks we’ll help you on your journey.

We have a lot to learn from each other and are thriving to expand our experiences to reach a broader area in Eastern Europe and get a different flavor of the continent, the Caribbean Islands to catch some rays and hopefully give South East Asia some much needed love. With your help, we are able to help we can run the globe one country at a time. Thank you for your support and please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Happy travels fellow Globe Runners.


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