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The Globe Runners Suit Case

The Globe Runners Guide to Travel Options

There are questions you need to ask yourself when planning on what type of trip you’d like to pack for. The length of the trip plays a big role on how you determine that and if you’re not careful you may end up paying for it in many ways. The Globe Runners have decided there are a few ways to pack your bags and travel for the different length of trips. Of course these can be mixed and matched, but stick with us.

So you might be new to traveling or have checked off a few places off your bucket list. It’s always exciting knowing you will be on vacation in another foreign place where you have never set foot in and all awaits is a new culture where the lifestyles, food and people are thrown right at you to embrace. The planning of where to go, what to see and what to eat are always some of the main questions during that process. Often times we don’t spend enough time packing things we may need in order to have a good trip. Whether you’re heading for a long haul flight, backpacking through Europe or planning on living in a foreign country, we have your guide to ensure you’re not stuck without your favorite socks while saving a bunch of money along the way.

The Globe Runners Travel Guide

Carrying Light on Short Trips

If you’re looking to save some money and time on your travels, packing lightly is always a great way to do just that. These days, companies like WOW air offer very affordable flights to many places in Europe if you’re not checking any bags. They can be as cheap as $149 for a one way from many places in North America to a set of European destinations. Once you’re in Europe, companies like Ryan Air, Easy Jet and Vueling will get you around for as little as $40! Not only are your flights affordable, staying in hostels will also save you extra money you to give you an opportunity to go on tours and other attractions. You have less to worry about when you don’t have to wheel a 30 kilo bag or two around cobble stone roads in many historic cities.

All you have to do is bring the necessities and find creative ways to fit everything into a backpack. Place your socks up and put them in a pair of shoes, roll up your clothing to have more room and be sure to buy liquids that are less than 100ml. Dark colors are usually best because they can match with more outfits and are harder to see stains. Bring a light coat and a sweater depending on where you’re going and always be sure to stay hydrated. Walking around in the sun all can really hurt your vacation when you have heat stroke. You can fit all of your main necessities in a small duffel bag or one of those skater back packs that have great material needed for the harsh elements traveling comes with.

Hostels and hotels offer washing machines so you wouldn’t even have to bring too much clothes and just wash every few days or so. Of course packing lightly means you won’t have access to a choice of wardrobes and styles, buying gifts might be a hassle when trying to come back from your trip and having to carry something on your back the whole trip may get tiring if you’re not used to it. Besides, we like rolling through on those four wheeler spinner luggage sets.

Staying prepared for the longer flights

When you live anywhere in the world, there are always locations you’re looking to travel to that are just so far away, the hassle it comes with is almost not worth it. Flights cost more, more baggage is needed and the adjustment of a culture shock may not be for everyone. Let’s take Toronto to Tokyo for example. Your flights can fluctuate anywhere from $600 -$1500 for basic economy class, but it all depends on how much time you’re willing to lose by paying less. Many times, those cheaper flights involve having long layovers making the already 12-14 hour direct plane ride into a 20-30 hour flight that will likely have a layover in Vancouver.

Asia is already 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time as it is, so you end up losing a day and a half. It’s important that once on these long flights, that you make sure you stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep and adjust your sleep pattern according to the time you’re traveling to and get up and stretch every 2 hours or so in order to help battle jet lag. Bring snacks, we all know how much of airport food costs.

If you can find a $600 flight with a short layover, get on that plane ASAP and go to the many places that are just waiting to stun you! Japan with its love for perfection and everything that comes from top of the line televisions & cameras, world renowned vehicles and of course there cuisine stands out more than any other in cuisine in Asia. From sushi & teppanyaki to curry and ramen noodles, it’s truly a place to see if you’re a foodie. If you’re looking for something more like blue waters, sandy beaches, street food galore and a good rave, head to Thailand around mid/late January to catch the moonlight festivals. So of course you need to pack that that beach attire, a lot of sunscreen and your favorite straw, while sipping a good old bucket of rum.

The Globe Runners Thailand

Your stomach may not sit well with some food overseas and it’s always best to bring some Rolaids to relieve that upset tummy. The drinking water may not be the best in a lot of places compared to Italy where fresh water fountains are found throughout the city but you’ll always find bottled water. You’ll likely need more clothing with different pairs of shoes for different occasions. Beach sandals for relaxing or dress shoes for a night out on the town. Make sure your feet are comfortable at all times. Since you’ll be walking around and visiting tours or visiting the attractions, having multiple pairs of shoes make the trip go a lot better if you weren’t complaining about them. If you head out to a country that has hot days but cold nights, you may want to prepare for that as well.

Once you’ve started on a suit case, you feel like you have tons of room, which you might, but it’s still always important to pack lighter than you should.


The Undetermined Long Term Stay

You don’t have as much money as you thought but you want to run around the globe and explore what it has to offer? There are plenty of ways to doing that without having to spend too much off the hop. Many times, working overseas gives travel enthusiasts the opportunity to get paid for their services and still be able to visit monumental locations throughout the world. We’ve met plenty of people who have been nannies in England, Germany and Spain, working on a cruise line in Greece or even working at a hostel at few days/nights a week in Tokyo that get accommodation and travel the rest of the time they’re off. The nannies would work during the week, getting to know how families from different countries lived and on the weekends would go to nearby locations that interested them and go back to work on the following Monday.

Teaching English is always something that many Asian countries are looking for, especially in China where the population in the mainland mostly speaks Mandarin with a large amount not being able to speak English at all, so your services are in high demand. Contracts can be negotiated but the usual timeline is anywhere from 6-12 months. Accommodation is usually included or allowances to rent your own locations and holidays come often so in this case of China, the New Year consists for nearly two weeks off on holiday. This is the perfect time to be able to travel around the nearby countries and take full advantage. Flights are super inexpensive and they still offer a small meal for a 2 hour flight. You can’t go wrong.

The Globe Runners Suit Case

Packing for a trip like this essentially is like packing for living abroad but this time around, you don’t mind that extra luggage because you know you’ve be there for a while and unpack it, whereas on a two-three week trip, you never fully unpack your suitcase. You don’t have time for that. Bring that cute sweater or those shoes wanted to wear them with. Be considered of the weather changes. You may have to have clothing that suits it or purchase new ones. Clothing, accessories and other attire offer more than fair prices and won’t take a huge chunk out of your wallet.

Now this all sounds dandy. But one thing you need to fully spend time doing research before the commitment of living in places like China, Thailand and Japan, where something that seems wrong to you may be right for them and vice versa. You are no longer in control with how the cultural norms are. Culture shock will happen, regardless of who you are. Some people can just handle it a lot better than others. Embrace particular practices that deter from Western civilization but once you get adjusted and used to it, you’ll be just fine. Be prepared for things like no Facebook or YouTube is allowed within the country, although there are always ways around that. Be prepared to be stared at, even after you’ve given the stink eye. Many places rarely see foreigners, especially the older generations, so it’s always intriguing for them to see us. Be prepared for Visa’s and working permits as well and the work that needs to to be done before you head out. But among other things, just enjoy your time and be willing to have an open mind regardless of where you go. Happy globe running Globe Runners!


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