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The Globe Runners - Travel Accessories

When setting off to go on your next holiday, be sure to pack lightly but to also make sure you have the basic necessities to make a good trip into a great one. It’s the little steps you must take in order to have that great time, so here are the Globe Runners Top 15 Travel Accessories you need for your next vacation.

1. Travel Neck Pillow

You need to get to your destination in one piece before you can actually enjoy it. Get some shut eye with comfort. A memory foam pillow will help you forget your stuck with a crying baby for 7 hours.



2. GoPro Hero 5

This GoPro is ready to capture all of our crazy stunts and scenery anywhere you go.



3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

You can’t go anywhere unless you have some tunes that are going to get you pumped ! These headphones are sure to do that.



4. A Travel Book

Do some reading on your flight and get to know your destinations. There are tons of useful travel books that will help ease your way into a new city.



5. Portable Speaker

Don’t leave for your holiday with this bad boy. It not only packs a mean bite for small speaker it’s also very practical. It won’t take up a lot of
space in your bag.

6. Amazon Kindle

Why not take a minute to sit back and enjoy your favorite story during a train ride to your next destination. The Amazon Kindle offers the ability to store hundreds of books while keeping your luggage weight in check.

7. Portable Phone Charger

Portable Charger will save you from having your phone die in the middle of a city you are not familiar with.

8. Sun glasses

Sun Glasses are essential to you enjoying your days out on nature walks or even roaming the city.

9. Universal Power Adapter

Don’t forget this bad boy. A Power Adapter 

10. Hard Shell Luggage

Luggage with safety.



11. Ear Plugs

These custom molded ear plugs will help you cancel out unwanted noise and help you sleep



12. Passport Protector & Wallet

Protect your Passport & Wallet in style. This vintage post design is gorgeous.




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  1. You didn’t forget anything! xD

  2. Love the suggestions!

  3. Greta list of helpful products

  4. Nice round up of things to bring

  5. Wish I could enjoy a neck pillow nap! Bringing small children on a plane is more work than anything else when we travel, LoL!

  6. Must haves

  7. This is one comprehensive list

  8. I really need that type of earplug!

  9. gotta know how to pack !

  10. I should compete this list!

  11. Such a great list!

  12. Nice list! I tend to leave my kindle at home because I realise that I prefer to watch movies and listen to music more when I’m traveling than reading on the plane. I do bring my Swedish language book though to practice grammar drills while on the plane when I get bored of watching movies.

  13. Cool!

  14. Nice

  15. Few of them are must but some are alright to leave behind. But it’s a good list to keep handy.

  16. This is a good list. I can’t think of anything you left out!

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