Top 12 Things to do in Iceland

If you’re looking for a short trip that offers everything that nature has to offer from all elements, then Iceland should be your next destination. And thanks to companies like WOW Air that offer flights for as low as $199, there are no excuses!

Here are the Globe Runners Top 12 things to do in Iceland


1. The Blue Lagoon

Many flights land early, which means you can’t check into you hotel yet. Take a short bus ride to the Blue Lagoon for a few hours.




2. Reykjavik –  Hot Dogs!

These hot dogs are a cultural tradition made with mostly lamb and served with mustard and not one, but two types of onions!




3. The Start of the Golden Circle : Pingvellir National Park

Two continental plates being separated inch by inch? Fascinating !




4. Strokkur Geyser

It’s always fun waiting to watch a huge burst of energy blow a boiling hot water into the air.




5. Gullfoss

The rainbow always leads to the Golden Falls.




6. The Secret Lagoon

Looking for a lagoon with a little less tourism? Check this out this tour.




7. The Start of the South Coast: Seljalandsfoss

Ever wanted to walk behind a waterfall? Here’s your chance.




8. The Start of the Southern Coast – Reynisfjara – Black Sand Beaches

Not only are the rocks shaped like hexagons but the black sand is something to marvel at.




9. Skogafoss

Get up close and person with this majestic beast.




10. The Northern Lights

They’re much more beautiful in person.




11. Ice Caves in Langjokull

This isn’t something from Game of Thrones. It’s for real. And it’s beautiful.




12. Rent A Car!

Iceland is perfect for road trips. Rent a vehicle and hit the open road.



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