Thing 10 Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto skyline - The Globerunners

Toronto skyline - The Globerunners

One of the largest cities in North America, it’s no wonder Toronto is home to some of the most famous talents in the world. From their infamous sports teams which rank among the wealthiest in the world to our home grown pride in our comedians, musicians and actors we breed. Toronto is a major city never to be overlooked. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. With that being said, here are The Globe Runners Top 10 Things to Do in Toronto.


CN Tower - The Globe Runners

  1. CN Tower

You simply can’t miss it. At one point this was the highest building in the world before the Burg Khalifa in 2007 and remains the third tallest. You can catch some amazing panoramic views from the top, take the challenge of the Sky Walk or enjoy a romantic dinner in the 360 degree rotating restaurant. There is also a glass floor where you are able to look down and see everything below. It’ll get your legs shaking.



Maple Leafs Game - The Globe Runners

  1. Sports Events –Jays, Leafs & Raptors

We have some of the most enthusiastic fans around and we love our sports so make sure to see a professional team play. The Toronto Raptors are for basketball fans, The Toronto Blue Jays are for attendees who have never been or seen a baseball game and our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs are known everywhere to hockey fans across the world.


The Globe Runners Blue Jays Game

  1. Rogers Centre (formally The Skydome)

Right next to the CN Tower is the giant retracting sports dome that can seat nearly 50,000 attendees.  The Rogers Centre is home to The Toronto Blue Jays but also houses many events. Watching a game from the top of the 500 section is beautiful in its own right. While many still refer it to the Skydome, this piece of architecture will forever be embedded in the mind of all travelers when thinking of the Toronto skyline.


Ripley's Aquarium - The Globe Runners


  1. Ripley’s Aquarium

You don’t have to travel far to see some of the most exotic and rare aqua life in the world. The Ripley’s Aquarium is always a fun spot for everyone in family where fish swim free and the sharks run these parts of town. Make sure you get the Toronto City Pass that gives you access to many of the places within the city at a discounted rate.


The Green Belt - The Globe Runners

  1. The Green Belt

Rent a car and check out any one of stops along The Green Belt. You’ll find local breweries & distilleries that include tours about how the product is made and the local farms used for each ingredient. Hiking and camping are also some options in these regions.


Niagara Falls - The Globe Runners

  1. Niagara falls

Just a short 90 minute drive from the city is a famous wonder of the world. Visit of the many vineyards along the way and make sure to go through the region for wine tours, walk through the main strip while eating an ice cream cone and of course see the side of the falls the Americans are so jealous of. The Golden Horseshoe from the Canadian side of the falls. Truly breathtaking!


Lions - The Globe Runners

  1. Toronto Zoo

Just 30 minutes outside of the downtown core is our world renowned Toronto Zoo. Housing some of the most exotic animals in the world, this is a great spot for the family to see some of the new editions such as the famous Giant Panda’s names Canadian Hope & Joy. Another option would also be to check out African Lion Safari. An outdoor Safari adventure, just make sure you’re not rolling in with your new vehicle. Those monkeys can get a little feisty.


Night Life - The Globe Runners

  1. Night Life

We have a huge bar and club seen with some of the best locations. Thanks to our amazing sports teams, events and attractions, celebrities are always looking to have a great time afterwards. Check out King West and Spadina area and head west. You’ll be sure to bump into somewhere that suits your needs.


Fine Dining - The Globe Runners

  1. Restaurants

We are one of the most diverse countries in the world. And we’re thankful for that. The food in Toronto is unlike anywhere else. You have streets dedicated to these different cultures such as Indian Food, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, French, and German and on and on. We even have some famous celebrities and famous chefs joining forces to keep us happy.



Talents in Toronto - The Globe Runners

  1. The Talent

Speak of celebrities. Let’s not forget that in the top 10 entertainers in the world, 3 of them are from the Greater Toronto Area. Justin Bieber, The Weeknd & Drake are known all over the world for their musical talents. Check out why they love Toronto so much and buy tickets here !


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