Staying at a Grand Hotel & Suite

Staying at a Grand Hotel & Suite

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an outstanding hotel room in an amazing city like Toronto and not have to worry about breaking the bank? A place where all the basic necessities are met with an added touch of class. When choosing a hotel, there are a few factors that will help you determine where you stay aside from just the cost. Location. Rooms. Amenities. When it comes to all of these necessities, The Grand Hotel & Suites in Toronto captures these three traits needed to be a luxury hotel you’re wanting to stay in for any occasion.



The Globe Runners - The Grand Hotel

The hotel itself has an aura surrounding it. The design was done in a way to welcome visitors from all directions into a world of boutique & glamour with friendly staff that is quick to assist upon your arrival. The tall glass windows give off a skyscraper feel, while the compliment of the two flag poles on the ends reminds us of a Hollywood movie scene as the main character is seen at a hotel. Its elegance and standout charm are certainly worth featuring in a high production like that. Upon approaching the front entrance, you’re greetings by multiple hosts who immediately offer to take your bags to the front counter for check in. Once we were checked in, took the elevator to our floor and were stunned by the gorgeous hallways that seemed like was shining for miles on end. It was like an illusion of crystals in an endless path. The hallways were very clean and classy. A nice touch before entering the huge space we were about to enter.


The Globe Runners - The Grand Hotel Lobby



The Arrival

It’s very simple to get to the hotel from all forms of transportation. From the airport, you can take the UP Express to Union Station. From Union Station, take Line 2 (Yellow Line) north to Dundas Station. From there, it is a short 3-5 minute walk east towards the hotel or you can simply stroll by the square to get a taste of the area.  Toronto is one of the safest cities in the world, but like all places, stay aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close.


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The Location

The Grand Hotel is located short 2 minute taxi ride from Dundas Station should you be visiting Toronto for the first time and have a lot of luggage. When you enter the area, you will find that Dundas and Yonge square is a mere 5 minute walk back after you have dropped your luggage off. When you get a chance to head back to the square, you are welcomes with shopping, food and entertainment. The Eaton Centre is filled with many of the top fashion brands in the world and all the latest designs. This will give you plenty of options to choose from. Of course there is a food court within so you can get some more energy to visit the different stores during your visit. The square itself has a few bars to sip some drinks such as the Jack Astor’s with a side building patio to a local Microbrewery called the 3 Brewers and a movie theater to catch the latest flicks. If you notice, there are a lot of students in the area and that’s due to Ryerson University being within the same general area.

The fun doesn’t stop there. You will often find crowds of people cheering and clapping for performers. Within the main square, audiences will see bands play their music; entertainers performing their acts and die hard food eaters participate in food eating contests! Just last week it was a Poutine eating contest with over 20 people willing to take the risk of clogging up their arteries for a chance of glory.

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If you’re looking at a little something different and want to visit “The Village” which is an area dedicated to the LGBTQ community. There are cafes, restaurants and clubs to have a good night out. The village is just a barely a 5 minute walk up the street from the hotel. Above is an image from Toronto’s Pride Parade an event that accepts all.


The Room

Most times, when you opt for a suite at any other hotel, the size of the room is not much bigger than some of the other normal rooms with a couch and a small kitchen but are paying a lot more to have it. The size of the main living room was humongous and could easily fit a group of 20 people for a pre-drink entertainment before hitting up the city. It felt like to it was the size of two hotel rooms, yet so private with the bedroom hidden away.

The couches were modern and comfortable, great for lounging back and enjoying some of the entertainment on TV like the red hot Toronto Maple Leafs but also had some antique furniture that gave the room character. The main couch had a pull out which meant the room was a great for families or sets of couples. We didn’t need to but paying for a couple of more cotts and it can be a spot for a girls night out or a bachelor party.  If you’re staying for longer periods, the kitchen was well equipped with all the necessities such an oven & stove, a small dishwasher and some cutlery. We all know nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal The Grand Hotel right?

The Globe Runners - The Grand Hotel Suite


The bedroom itself is another short level up with a view overlooking the main living room. We were quite impressed with the design of the room along with how comfortable the bed was. Nice and firm, great for that posture! The room boasted two bathrooms with individual showers in each one. This made getting ready hassle free and quick as both bathrooms could be utilized.

The Grand Hotel doesn’t just stop there. They want to make sure they give you a great experience. Order up a bottle of their sparkling wine, head up to the 19th floor and relax in one of two of their hot tubs on their roof. The open air and the view of the city are sure to set the mood for a romantic drink under the stars or a chance to enjoy the moment. It’s your own private get away in the heart of the city.

Before hitting up the breakfast buffet in the morning we decided to check out the indoor swimming pool. The room itself was heated and very comfortable, especially when coming out of the pool, you’re not having to run to your towel. Once inside, we found the water to be at a perfect temperature with no one else to bother us. Although we didn’t run into a sauna, the hot tubs on the roof more than make up for it.


The Globe Runners - The Grand Hotel

The Citrus Restaurant

When you’re in a nice hotel, you want some food that will be on par with everything else. We had the opportunity to sit down at the Citrus Restaurant within the hotel, where we were met with welcome from our hostess. Since the weather was very nice out for an October night, we decided to eat out on the patio with space heaters ensuring we didn’t get too chilly. The ambiance of the The Terrace was dimmed with lights brightening the room with its colors. There were two of us and the game plan consisted of each, choosing different appetizers, two different main courses and two different desserts so we could taste as many different items on the menu. Once we had a general idea of what we were getting to eat, we chose our wine to complement our respective meals.

The Appetizers:

We were introduced to bread like any other good restaurant but where offered a special spread that had a paste like consistency and had hints of curry. It was similar to a garlic spread, but with flavors of the curry and other spices was combined to make the perfect partner on the bread, especially the one that looks like a cracker.

Appetizer #1

The Calamari

The plating of the calamari was executed nicely with the pieces being lightly battered with a tasty blend of spices to give it a nice kick. The thinly slices of potato were a nice addition. Although the portion size does look small, the quality of calamari is worth the tag. Sharing one may be difficult to do as they are worth devouring. Nice juicy taste without the rubber texture. Execute very well.


The Globe Runners - The Citrus Hotel Calamari


Appetizer #2

The Kale Salad

Since we know we would be eating so much food, we decided to get something that’s a little more healthy but has some twist on the traditional Caesar salad you have any at any other restaurant.

We had to let our audience know this was the clear winner of the two appetizers for us.  All of the ingredients tasted fresh and were combined in a way that didn’t overwhelm you with the taste of kale while the slices of Parmesan. The kale stayed crispy while the mix of Parmesan cheese and olive oil gave the salad two new fans to cheer for it.

The Globe Runners - The Grand Hotel Kale Salad


Main Courses

Main Course #1

Spinach Fettuccine & Lamb Meatballs

We see in the image below that the linguine was actually made from spinach and not just the simple ingredient within the dish. It was cooked slightly al dente, lightly dressed in olive oil with pine nuts and a creamy feta cheese. The raisins added a sweetness to the meal but was balanced out my the shredded mint. The pasta itself was covered in a beautiful tomato sauce, which combined all the ingredients for a mouth full of harmony. We were told this was a favorite among the customers and had a fresh take on the meatballs that consisted of seasoned ground lamb meat. The meatballs itself were light and fluffy with a blend of spices making you feel like you’re in the middle of Italy, eating Nona’s pasta. No Parmesan cheese needed for this pasta dish though.

The Globe Runners - The Grand Hotel Spinach Linguine


The Main Course #2

Beef Roast with Puff Fired Potatoes

We prefer our beef to be cooked medium rare to medium, depending on our mood and how much weight we’ve gained the week before. Although we received it in rare format, it was not going to deter us from eating it. Some super hot butter would have been an awesome addition . The cut itself was a beef roast, sitting on top of sautéed asparagus & broccoli. It was amazing and simply did not mind the rare cut of meat. The juices of the cut were still locked in as it had been allowed time to rest after it was done cooking and was well complimented a sauce similar to BBQ. A lot of people say to never mix BBQ sauce with a nice cut of steak, but we disagree. We really enjoyed the tangy taste of the sauce with a fork full of meat. Overall the dish was done in a delicious way and had us wanting more of the juicy cut of beef. We were told the The Puff Potatoes were another crowd favorite so we took it on and found it to be an interesting take on mashed potatoes but probably would have ordered my traditional as this meal has a home feel to it. Kind of like Soul Food.

The Globe Runners - The Citrus Restaurant Beef Roast



Dessert #1

Lemon Meringue Roulade & Blue Compote

We have mixed opinions about the Lemon Meringue pie with blueberry. The crust part of the pie was cooked well with a soft, crumble like shell that melted in your mouth at the same time but it was the filling that was too sour for our liking. Usually with a lemon meringue, the lemon is soft yet flavorful. But if you’re a fan of sour type foods over sweet, this is a great choice for you. Not sure what that yellow string of slime was, but it was really delicious and found that we wanted more of it.

The Globe Runners - Citrus Hotel Lemon/Blueberry


Dessert #2

Strawberry Cheesecake

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have the winner of the night ! We really enjoyed the presentation of this dessert. It was made outside of the traditional pie cut slice of a New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake you’re used to seeing anywhere with a fluffy and crumble like mix of cream cheese,  fresh sliced strawberries and served with a delicious strawberry sorbet. The combination of the sauces, berries and cake were a mouthful of flavor. We were recommended this option and were told it was a crowd favorite as well. It did not disappoint.  We would certainly recommend this piece of heaven. Don’t bother sharing with who ever you’re with and get your own! We’re getting this to go next time.

The Globe Runners - Citrus Restaurant Cheesecake


Overall Experience

As a team of frequent hotel visitors from all over the world  and to our local visits in Toronto, we have seen many places that have amazing rooms, but no pool. Great food, but no roof top terrace with a hot tub Nice area but expensive area. The Grand Hotel in Toronto certainly gave us an entertaining experience with their amazingly large and beautifully decorated suites, the great location within some of the most vibrant parts of the city. In the end of it all, the overall experience was great and went above our standards for what a quality hotel should be. The customer service was great which made you feel comfortable like you are at home. The amenities made you feel like you’re somewhere exotic, right in the middle of the city. It’s not often you stay at a hotel that even offers a hot tub, let alone on the roof.  The rooms make you feel like a millionaire with all the luxurious furniture and charm inside of it. We had a great time at The Grand Hotel & Suites in Toronto, Canada and would like to hear from anyone who has stayed there and give us your feedback! For more information, please contact us or click here to visit The Grand Hotel & Suites website.


Hotel Services – Book Here

  • 24 hour Room Service & Gift Shop
  • 10,000 sq. ft. of Meeting Space
  • Fully-Equipped Business Centre
  • 5,000 sq. ft. Fitness Club & Spa
  • Two-Storey Indoor Pool
  • Luxury SUV Shuttle
  • 8,000 sq.ft. Rooftop Patio
  • Valet & Underground Parking
  • Citrus Restaurant, Citrus Lounge, The Terrace
  • Concierge Service

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