Top 15 Fun Facts : Spain

Top 15 Fun Facts : Spain

Spain is a country that is often overlooked compared to the big three of Germany, Italy and France, but there are plenty of reasons to see Spain as they have a lot of history that lead them to be the most powerful country in the world. Here are the Top 15 Fun Facts about Spain.

1. “The Kingdom of Spain” is the official name of the country.


2. Spain is the third most visited country in the world with Barcelona and Madrid being largest cities.


3. The locals of Spain have lunch at 2 pm and dinner at around 9 to 10 pm. Siesta can last several hours.


4. The bull is the national animal. Check out Pamplona in July where an 8 day tradition has continued to attract new visitors. Do you dare?

5. There are no laws that prohibit pedestrians walking around in the nude.


6. 43% of the world olive oil production is done in Spain, making them the largest provider.


7. Football/Soccer is the country´s most important sport. Spain won its first World Cup football title in 2010, which made the country the 8th country to have ever won.


8. 21 countries in the world celebrate their Independence from Spain. A main reason why so many speak Spanish.


9. Spain was the world’s leading power in the 16th and 17th century, colonizing the United States, Latin America and the Philippines.


10. The Eiffel Tower was originally supposed to be in Barcelona but was later rejected. An opportunity lost as the monument now is worth over $400 billion.


11. In Spain, you have the option of ordering a beer in McDonald’s, along with other local sides.


12. Everyone is automatically an organ donor should they die, unless they make a request otherwise.


13. Spain remained neutral in both World War I & II but went through their own civil war in 1936-1939 which cost the lives of over 500,000 civilians.


14. La Tomatina is the world’s largest tomato fight hosted in Valencia, which also include Paella cooking contests.


15. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin Chinese. Maybe from all that colonizing.


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  1. Good to know! The Flower Festival in Valencia is the stuff of quirky fantasy.

  2. Hey Good Post! That’s quite a bit I learnt about Spain tonight. I never quite knew that they colonised countries. Interesting facts on 5,11 and 12. Loved the fact that they make organ donation mandatory!

  3. Wow, Eiffel Tower fact was not known at all

  4. I’ve learned so many fascinating things I didn’t know! Turns out maybe I’m a bit dumb and need to learn history but my boyfriend was fascinated too!!

  5. Konstantinos : June 26, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    Good facts to know. I didn’t know about some of them. I would like to attend La Tomatina festival once!

  6. I didn’t know a lot of these. Very interesting.

  7. Too bad about the Eiffel tower. heheh. And looks like I am going to love Spain. Because siesta! hahah

  8. Thanks for this, I have learned a lot from Spain through this post

  9. I’m so glad the Eiffel Tower didn’t go to Barcelona lol

  10. I guess the rest of the worlds olive oil comes from Italy? That’s just where I think about when I think olive oil.

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